Turbine Generators: Efficient and Durable for Industrial Applications

Featured Product from Kato Engineering, Inc.

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  • Kato Engineering generators for gas & steam turbines are designed for efficiency and durability for use in demanding industrial applications. They operate with extremely low levels of vibration, can be easily sound-attenuated and require minimal maintenance.

    For high efficiency, KATO turbine generator cores are constructed with high-grade electrical steel. The rotor is made of stacked laminations or of one-piece solid forged steel depending on the size or specific requirements for the application.  For low vibration level application and to ensure weld strength, the welded frame and bearing brackets are thermally stress relieved in an over before being steel shot blasted.

    In addition to 40 MVAR of load banks, Kato Engineering has state-of-the-industry seismic test bases with monitoring equipment to accurately measure continuous or transient vibration level and electrical characteristics.

    We offer a wide range of cooling options, and for petroleum applications Kato Engineering can meet hazardous are application (Class 1 Division 2, or zone 2 per IEC Ex and ATEX) and API-546 requirements.

    Enclosures: Open drip proof is standard, with the following options available: