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Over 116 years of manufacturing experience has led AMT, a division of Kelco Industries, to produce hundreds of engineered solutions for our customers. Kelco offers a wide range of material choices from polyesters and elastomers to nylon and polethylene.

Kelco specializes in engineering-grade nylons and acetals as well as a wide selection of precision-engineered injection molded materials:

• PBT: Polyesters Filled and Unfilled
• PPA: Polyphthalamide (Amodel)
• PPS: Filled and unfilled (Ryton®)
• TPE: Thermoplastic Elastomer (Sanoprene®)
• HDPE: High Density Polyethylene Filled and Unfilled
• POM: Acetal Polyoxymethylene Filled and Unfilled Multiple Grades (Delrin®)
• PEEK: Polyetheretherketone
• PA6 and PA6/6 : Polyamide (Nylons) Filled and Unfilled up to 60% GF (Minlon®)

Trust Kelco for all of your precision engineering design needs:
• Part Design assistance with DFM advice • Prototypes via 3D prints
• Prototype tooling and fixture design • 3D CAD capable with Autodesk inventor
• 3D printer on site with Stratasys Fortus 400 mc (FDM) 3D printer