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Kelco Provides Custom and Off the Shelf Solutions for Construction

Featured Product from Kelco Industries

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Every construction project is unique. Whether you need custom components or an off the shelf solution, Kelco has you covered.

Featured products:
Flexible metal components
Custom wound coils
Seals and gaskets
Flexible metal engineered components

For over 100 years, Kelco has manufactured Flex-Weld flexible metal hose, bellows, expansion joints, and other flexible engineered components at their facilities in North America. Their products include a wide variety of material types, sizes, and configurations, which are used in thousands of applications.
Custom wound coils
Kelco’s Guardian brand designs and manufactures millions of custom electromagnetic coils for the construction, automotive, agricultural, and hydraulic control industries. Their expertise in both design and process methodology provides innovative and reliable solutions for a multitude of voltages, terminations, and connector configurations.
Thermoplastics and elastomers
Kelco’s full line of thermoplastic and elastomer products are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications to solve any type of sealing need. Their customers rely on WCT for high quality, precision seals and gaskets that function under extreme conditions. They offer cost-effective solutions in custom sizes for oil filter seals, radiator capsseals, submersible pump seals and other machined engineered plastic needs.
Kelco products serve nearly every industry:
Medical • HVAC • Security • Aerospace • Renewable Energy • Construction • Transportation • Automotive • Water Reclamation • Food & Beverage • Marine • Industrial and Chemical Processing

To be more efficient and build your bottom line, contact Kelco at 815-334-3600 or by email at customerservice@kelcoind.com.