Motion and Flow Control

Featured Product from Kelco Industries

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Facility maintenance is crucial to the success of your operation. You can’t afford to have breakdowns, especially during critical times.
Reducing overhead costs is always important, but it’s especially so during economic downturns. Facilities that implement proper HVAC maintenance running at peak efficiency use less energy, which increases productivity, reduces overhead costs, and boosts profit margins.
Kelco products increase efficiency and decrease interruptions in HVAC systems, power generation equipment, paper and pulp manufacturing, wastewater treatment, and many other systems for:
• Hospitals • Telecommunications • Offices • Commercial buildings
• Production facilities • Government agencies • Universities

 • Metal bellows and braided pump connectors to reduce vibration and stress from pumps
 • High pressure steam supply and condensate return lines, as well as hot and chilled water piping
 • Expansion joints increase the life of your pumping equipment operating in your HVAC system
• Protects and increases longevity of equipment and piping
• Reduces and/or eliminates stress and strain
• Compensates for thermal expansion in all types of piping systems
• Allows for random and unpredictable seismic movements
• Easier pipe maintenance and condensate draining
• Compensates for excessive offset and lateral movement
• Less space required and easier to install
• Requires fewer anchors and guides