Low Flow Precision Pressure Regulator

Featured Product from Kelly Pneumatics, Inc.

• Vacuum Pressure Control
• Precise Low Volume Outlet Flow
• Electronic Performance Feedback
• Optional Digital Display Available
• Excellent Resolution and Repeatability

Kelly Pneumatics, Inc. offers a dual proportional valve design, Electronic Precision Pressure Regulator with I/P transducer control circuitry. Designed specifically for low volume flow rates, this regulator precisely sustains both positive and negative outlet pressures, even during dynamic changes in outlet flow rates, and provides exceptional closed-loop, proportional, output pressure control characteristics. This product can be further customized to include a digital display readout, a wall adapter connection for power supply, an inline filter, and a mechanical gauge.

Kelly Pneumatics, Inc.'s regulators offer significant improvements over traditional dual on/off valve electronic regulators. The award-winning design gives a smooth and accurate signal, as opposed to dual on/off valve designs that cause substantial shock waves in the regulated pressure signal. The KPI regulator can replace manual regulators, needle valves, and bleed valves or bleed orifice discreet component systems.