Mass Flow Controller for Critical Gases

Featured Product from Kelly Pneumatics, Inc.

Mass Flow Controller for Critical Gases-Image

Precise volumetric flow control for a variety of mediums and critical gases. These units are proportional valve driven; using patented proportional valve technology that ensures virtually frictionless performance offers excellent resolution, repeatability, and extensive product life.

  • Virtually Frictionless Performance
  • Fast and accurate measurement
  • Electronic Performance Feedback
  • Optional Digital Display Available
  • Excellent Resolution and Repeatability
  • Vacuum Pressure Compatible

The Kelly Pneumatics Mass Flow Controller product line offers various models and product customization for optimal price savings. The product comes in two primary versions: one with backpressure compensation and one without; these two product versions can be further customized to include a digital display readout and a wall adapter for power supply, as well as open-loop or closed-looped control characteristics. An additional option for both linear or non-linear flow output is available for additional cost savings and product customization.

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