Midsize Proportional Valve

Featured Product from Kelly Pneumatics, Inc.

  • Precise Volume Outlet Flow Capability
  • Unique Proportional Valve Design
  • Easily Cleaned and Maintained
  • Low Hysteresis Performance
  • Quiet Operation
  • Controls Air, Water, and Other Mediums

Kelly Pneumatics, Inc. offers a high volume flow Midsize Proportional Valve utilizing award winning design. This non-spool valve architecture employing one moving part ensures virtually frictionless performance and longevity tested at over 100 million cycles. This simplicity in design also assures relative ease when implementing maintenance or cleaning. We also offer alternate versions that are resistant to both high and low temperatures, therefore performing consistently in many different environments. Available in both 2-way and 3-way versions, this valve can efficiently process Water, Air, Oil and Hydrogen.