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18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Holders / Sleds

Featured Product from Keystone Electronics Corp.

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A new series of low profile, SMT and THM Lithium-Ion holders for 18650 batteries have been released by Keystone Electronics Corp to meet increased demands for higher energy, light weight, rechargeable batteries for new generations of electronic products.

Ruggedly built and durable, these compact holders feature low profile, heat resistant Nylon housings and Gold-plated Phosphor Bronze contacts. They are ideally suited for use with many consumer and industrial electronic products. Versatile design accommodates lead free solder and traditional reflow processes and accept all major manufacturers' of 18650 batteries.

Available in single and dual cell configurations for both THM and SMT use. See Catalog #1043 for THM - single cell applications and Catalog #1049 for THM - dual cell requirements. For SMT use, see Catalog #1042 single cell applications and Catalog #1048 dual cell requirements. Keystone also has these holders with solder tab contacts  designed to make soldering to wires easier and to prevent battery wrapper tearing when swapping out depleted cells.  For a single cell requirement, use Catalog #1044, for dual cell requirements,  use Catalog #1047.  Battery installation and/or removal does not require tools.

A major producer of SMT and THM quality electronic products, Keystone supplies battery and coin cell holders, clips, straps and retainers in a broad range of types and sizes along with an extensive variety of interconnects and hardware. Application engineering services are maintained to meet special modifications or custom designs with active stamping, machining and assembly support.

For complete details and specifications contact Keystone Electronics Corp., 55 South Denton Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040; Tel: (800) 221-5510 or (516) 328-7500; Fax: (516) 328-1080; E-mail: kec@keyelco.com  or their webiste www.keyelco.com