491MB Gas Standards Generator

Product Announcement from Kin-Tek Laboratories Inc.

491MB Gas Standards Generator-Image

The 491MB Gas Standards Generator is a laboratory instrument designed to calibrate most types of gas analyzers including gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, ion mobility spectrometers, ambient air analyzers, process analyzers, CEMS analyzers and so forth.

The 491MB holds permeation tubes manufactured by KIN-TEK as well as many of those manufactured elsewhere. The permeation tubes (up to six KIN-TEK disposable or one refillable) are placed in an oven held at constant temperature with a controlled flow of dilution gas maintained over the tube. A small, accurate, constant flow of pure component vapor permeates from the tube and mixes with the dilution gas to form the ppm or ppb standard. The standard then flows through the generator output to the gas analyzer.

The 491MB Gas Standards Generator can be used as a stand-alone, single-oven unit or as a base module in a multi-module 491M system. It contains one permeation oven, dilution flow controls and a mass flowmeter. All the tubing is stainless steel or teflon.


  • The high thermal mass oven keeps the permeation tube(s) at a constant temperature.
  • The digital temperature controller is accurate to +/- 0.1 °C and traceable to NIST.
  • The 491MB uses disposable, LFH or ULED type Trace Source permeation tubes.
  • A mass flowmeter measures the dilution flow to +/- 1% of full scale.
  • The span gas contacts only glass, teflon and stainless steel.
  • The sample is available at any pressure up to 40 psig for calibration of monitors requiring a pressurized sample.
  • A convenient carry-handle and small cabinet make it easy to carry.
  • The 491MB can be used as a base module in a 491M Module Gas Standards Generator system.


  • Delivers ppm / ppb gas standard directly to the gas analyzer.
  • Generates multi-point calibration standards from one permeation tube.
  • The user deals with only small quantities of toxic gas.
  • Eliminates the necessity of keeping a large stock of gas cylinders.


  • VOC standards to calibrate GCs used in process streams.
  • Ambient air analyzer and CEMS analyzer calibration.
  • ppb standards of methanol, ethanol & acetone for GCs used in ethylene & propylene processes.
  • ppm standards of acrylonitrile, styrene and butadiene in air.
  • ppm HCN multi-point standards for checking multi-point sampling systems.
  • ppm standards for GCs used to control contaminates in speciality gases. Example: to check pure nitrogen for contaminates such as methane, H2, O2 and moisture.


  • Oven Capacity: up to 6 1/4-inch diameter x 6 inch long disposable permeation tubes, one LFH or one ULED
  • Temperature Range: 30 °C to 150 °C
  • Flow Range: 0.25 to 5 liters per minute
  • Typical Concentration Range: 1,000 ppm to ppb
  • Dimensions: 6 inch wide x 12 inch high x 19 inch deep
  • Weight: Approx. 32 lbs.