Flex Stream™ Modular Gas Standards Generator

Product Announcement from Kin-Tek Laboratories Inc.

Flex Stream™ Modular Gas Standards Generator-Image

KIN-TEK's FlexStream™ Modular Gas Standards Generating System offers total flexibility for creating precision gas mixtures. The FlexStream™ system dilutes the emission from permeation or diffusion tubes with an inert gas, typically nitrogen or zero air, to create trace concentration - ppm, ppb, and pptr - mixtures. An internal microprocessor sets the operating mode and adjusts dilution flows to achieve desired concentrations.

The Flexstream™ System expands the capabilities of the recently introduced microprocessor-controlled, stand-alone FlexStream™ Permeation Tube Unit. The new FlexStream™ System combines up to six independently controlled channels. These channels can be permeation tubes or may combine permeation units with secondary dilution to expand the concentration range. Mixtures containing up to 48 components are possible. The FlexStream™ can use all KIN-TEK™ Trace Source™ permeation and diffusion tubes.

The FlexStream™ System can also be controlled remotely by a PC or process computer using Modbus® connectivity. Using an external PC allows remote control of FlexStream™ uploading methods (recipes) that can run automatically, and evaluating 'scenarios' to aid in setting up the unit to create specific mixture concentration ranges.

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