TO-14 Complex Mixture Generator

Product Announcement from Kin-Tek Laboratories Inc.

TO-14 Complex Mixture Generator-Image

The TO-14 Complex Mixture Generator (formerly "Span Lab™") is a Laboratory Gas Standards Generator that uses Trace Source™ Permeation Tubes to deliver calibration standards directly to your FTIR, GC, GC-MS, Ion Mobility Spectrometer or any type of gas analyzer or environmental chamber.

Gas Standards Generators provide the temperature controlled environment and carrier gas control for Trace Source™ Disposable Permeation Tubes. They can also provide the refilling mechanism for gas-filled Trace Source™ Refillable Permeation Tubes.

The TO-14 Complex Mixture Generator:

  • Is a modular systems with 6 to 30 permeation tube ovens
  • Has up to 240 compounds in wet or dry matrices
  • Generates mixture components (groups) individually selectable
  • Generates concentrations from over 1,000 ppm to low ppt
  • Has concentration rangeability up to 20,000:1
  • Has up to a 400:1 at constant output flow

Typical applications of the TO-14 Complex Mixture Generator include:

  • Effects testing
  • Contaminated atmosphere simulation
  • Catalyst efficiency testing in the petrochemical (or other) industry
  • Environmental studies
  • Ambient air quality studies
  • VOC's
  • Toxic air pollutants
  • Fill passivated, low pressure cannisters
  • Generate humidified standards