Trace Source™ Refillable Permeation Tubes

Product Announcement from Kin-Tek Laboratories Inc.

Trace Source™ Refillable Permeation Tubes-Image

Trace Source™ Refillable Permeation Tubes offer a broader concentration range than the Trace Source™ Disposable Permeation Tubes and are recommended for long-term use and special applications requiring a broad range of calibration points. Trace Source™ Refillable Permeation Tubes are available for chemicals not suitable for disposable permeation tubes such as CO, CO2, NO2, methane, ethane, arsine & phosphine, etc.

Trace Source Refillable™ Gas Filled Permeation tubes are periodically refilled with the component gas using the controls in one of KIN-TEK's Gas Standards Generators. These calibration gas standards generators include:

  • 491MB Basic Gas Standards Generator
  • 491M Modular Gas Standards Generator
  • TO-14™ Complex Mixture Generator (formerly "Span Lab™")
  • AutoBlend™ Complex Mixture Generator
  • Industrial Gas Standards Generators

Trace Source Refillable™ permeation tube types include:

57S Refillable Permeation Tube

Generates low concentration gas standards of high vapor pressure gases such as CO, CO2, NO, CH4 etc.

  • Typical concentrations: ppb to 10 ppm.
  • Tube dimensions: 1 ¾ inches diameter by 6 inches long

57H Refillable Permeation Tube

  • Generates high concentration mixtures of high vapor pressure gases CO, CO2, NO, N2O, CH4, etc.
  • Typical concentrations: 10 ppm to over 1,000 ppm.
  • Tube dimensions: 1¾ inches diameter by 6 inches long

LFH Refillable Permeation Tube

  • Generates moderate to high concentration mixtures of low vapor pressure compounds such as acrylonitrile, benzene, methanol, water, etc.

ULED-Factory Refillable

Generates extremely low concentration mixtures of Cl2, NO2, COCl2, SO2, H2S.

  • Features long life for service in remote areas where the use of disposable permeation tubes is impractical.
  • Tube dimensions: 1 inch diameter by 6 inches long.