SE Enclosed Slewing Drive from Kinematics Mfg

Product Announcement from Kinematics Manufacturing, Inc.

SE Enclosed Slewing Drive from Kinematics Mfg-Image

Kinematics slewing drives are designed and tested to guarantee a 30-year field life. All aspects of engineering control are based on creating a low-cost, reliable solution. Using the same methods and procedures that earned us our ISO 9001, CE, REACH, and TUV certifications, we qualify all the raw materials, components and final assemblies to meet these standards.

Our drives offer an IP55 rated enclosure that demonstrates nearly complete protection from environmental particles such as dust, dirt, sand, and even water. Learn more about our testing equipment and procedures that allow us to provide a 30-year performance guarantee.


Kinematics slew drives are powered with patented hourglass worm technology to give maximum survivability load-holding as well as increased efficiency and accuracy. Unlike standard worms which touch only one tooth, our hourglass worm engages 5-11 teeth on the pitch line of the ring gear from the hourglass thread. This increased tooth engagement gives the gearbox enormous strength and power.


Typical slewing drive applications include solar trackers, wind turbines, satellite and radar dishes, truck cranes, man lifts, utility equipment, hydraulic equipment attachments, oil tool equipment, tire handlers, digger derricks, and automotive lifts. There are many other applications as the slewing drive is perfect for situations requiring both load-holding and rotational torque from the same gearbox.


Our base model sizes deliver performance ranges from 6kNm to 220kNm of holding torque, 200Nm to 63kNm of output torque, 500Nm to 271kNm of overturning moment load capacity, and gearbox reduction ratios of 30:1 up to 156,600:1. The mounting can be done horizontally, vertically or a combination of multiple axes.