Clip-On Empty Chamber Detachable Membrane Plate

Product Announcement from Klinkau America, Inc.

Clip-On Empty Chamber Detachable Membrane Plate-Image

Klinkau America's Clip on Empty Chamber Detachable Membrane plate has the following benefits:

  • Center feed with bayonet locking system most suitable for chemical aggressive slurries
  • Clip connection is a self-locking system without additional fastening elements
  • Center feed clamping ring is the alternative fastening system in particular for soft membranes, especially if membranes of elastomeres or TPE-compounds are requested
  • Standardized spare membranes
  • Excellent washing efficiency
  • Various feed port locations and material selections
  • Empty chamber design
  • Simple replaceability

The moulded ring channel around the entire filtration area ensures an excellent wash water distribution. This means this type of membrane plate is most suitable for applications which require efficient cake washing results such as:

  • Dyestuff and Pigments
  • Sugar juice filtration
  • Fine chemicals

The design allows different material combinations for the core body and membrane. For membranes made of soft and elastic materials a stainless steel clamping ring is required for center feed design. The clip on membrane plate is furthermore suitable for 30 bar applications such as:

  • Palm kernel oil
  • Hard stearine
  • Kaolin

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