Loop-Powered Isolators for Standard Signals

Product Announcement from Knick Elektronische Messgeraete GmbH & Co. KG

Loop-Powered Isolators for Standard Signals -Image

If there is no power supply available, the galvanic isolation of 0(4) ... 20 mA standard current signals requires investment in supply units.

The Problems

Many products provide loop-powered isolation with insufficent accuracy only. The desire for high accuracy demands an isolator concept that fulfils the highest expectations.

The load capability of the 20-mA source is limited and therefore requires economical handling of the load voltage.

The Solution

Knick IsoTrans® 41 DC transformers with transformer isolation have specifications well beyond other loop-powered DC isolators. 0.2 % accuracy and just 1.2 V intrinsic voltage drop allow diverse uses of this isolator.

The Housing

The A2 modular housing with a width of 22.5 mm for max. 3 isolators offers optimum space usage in multichannel mode. The A3 modular housing for one isolator is just 17.5 mm wide.

The full encapsulation guarantees a high level of reliability even in extreme conditions.

The Advantages

The galvanic isolation in the IsoTrans® 41 is achieved by using a passive isolator that obtains its power from the measuring signal as a voltage drop. This saves on supply units and cabling and increases the reliability accordingly.

The Technology

The units work with a serial chopper generator in the current path. This avoids the accuracy-reducing power losses of ordinary generators which are connected in parallel, reduces the voltage drop accordingly and also ensures accurate transmission of the smallest currents.

The Application

Galvanic isolation
• of input and output circuits
• of the supply voltage for 2-wire transmitters
• with addition or other coupling of signals at different potentials
• for removal of double ground compensation currents
• when there is an insufficient insulation and test voltage
• of high-potential signal sources
• for battery-powered devices with a central battery

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