Isolated Signal Converters, accurate to 0.08%

Product Announcement from Knick Elektronische Messgeraete GmbH & Co. KG

Isolated Signal Converters, accurate to 0.08% -Image

The Problems

Long transmission paths can cause potential differences that lead to errors in the measuring result. Furthermore different products would be required for different signals and supply voltages.


The Solution

The VariTrans® P 15000 isolation amplifier from Knick features excellent transmission quality combined with the calibrated standard signal switching using DIP switches and a broad-range power supply.


The Housing

At just 12.5 mm wide, the modular housing with pluggable screw terminals allows simple and fast assembly and prewiring of enclosures. Housings with fixed screw terminals are also available for extremely high mechanical loads.


The easy-to-open housing allows easy configuration of the input and output ranges and good protection against touch and unintended adjustment.


The Advantages

The analog transmission of the measuring signal with transformer isolation and the new digitally controlled measuring range selection guarantee almost perfect signal transmission:

• Gain error only 0.08 %
• Excellent pulse formation
• Extremely low residual ripple
• Maximum long-term stability and reliability

The Technology

A microcontroller monitors the control element settings and controls the calibrated range selection. Interference to the signal transmission - for example, due to contact resistances in the range switches - is thus ruled out.


Thanks to the VariPower® power supply, the devices can be used all over the world for all common supply voltages from 20 to 253 V AC/DC with almost any power supply.

The P15000 series isoalated signal converters can be viewed using this link.