Isolated Signal Doubler / Splitter / Duplicator

Product Announcement from Knick Elektronische Messgeraete GmbH & Co. KG

Isolated Signal Doubler / Splitter / Duplicator -Image

Measuring and control engineering frequently requires an analog standard signal to be processed at two points, i. e. by two devices, whereby both devices are to recognize the signal. To prevent falsified signals and interaction or even damage, in particular in the event of errors, it makes sense to isolate signals and devices galvanically from one another.

The Solution
The VariTrans® A 20300 signal doubler is an extremely compact product which allows cost-efficient solutions. Using this unit, input, both outputs and power supply are decoupled from one another (4-port isolation).

The Housing
Measuring only 6 mm, the ultra-slim, 8-pin modular housing of the VariTrans® A 20300 takes up only a little space on the top-hat rail and, if necessary, can be installed at a later date.

The Advantages

As a signal doubler:
In addition to "doubling" the analog signal, the VariTrans® A 20300 can also convert signals if required. For example, if the signal source has only one voltage output but the installation uses current signals, the signal doubler converts the voltage signal (0 … 10 V) proportionally into the required current signals (0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA). An adjustment from "Dead Zero" (0 ... 20 mA) to "Live Zero" (4 ... 20 mA ) is also possible. The corresponding input and output signals are calibrated and can be selected using DIP switches with the two outputs being switched over together.

For load increase:
The VariTrans® A 20300 may also be used when a particularly high output load is required. Standard-signal sources can often drive a load of up to 500 ohms, i. e. supply 10 V at 20 mA. Sometimes certain devices - e. g. actuators - require a higher voltage, i. e. their input resistance is higher. Likewise in this case, the signal doubler can solve the problem: both output signals are now not used separately but are connected in series to form one signal. The available voltage is then doubled allowing an increased load up to 1000 ohms (20 V at 20 mA). Of course, the current which determines the 0/4 to 20 mA signal is not changed.

The Technology
To implement the high functionality of an A 20300 in the smallest of spaces - in a 6-mm-wide modular housing with correspondingly small volume - a patent-pending circuit design is used. The energy balance (2 active outputs) in particular must be optimized for all operating conditions. An application for patent has been filed for the circuit principles of the VariTrans® A 20300. Like all products in the VariTrans® A 20XXX series, the signal doubler also provides protective separation according to EN 61140 to ensure high-level protection of persons and installations. This is achieved by means of increased insulation in compliance with EN 61010-1. In spite of being only 6 mm wide, the VariTrans® A 20300 makes no compromises regarding its insulation properties.

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