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RF Filters for Space Applications

Featured Product from Knowles Precision Devices

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Knowles Precision Devices has space-qualified materials and processes that allow us to work closely with customers building new designs to provide recommendations based on tried-and-true components, methods and testing.

Whether you need a catalog part, build to print services, or custom components, we perform special life testing, sectioning, and additional electrical measurements to meet space standards.

Our space-qualified RF Filters are commonly characterized by:

  • Surface mount packaging
  • Narrow and broad bandwidths
  • Low loss
  • Low insertion loss
  • High power capability
  • Optimized for size and weight – designs less than 3.75mm wide
  • Frequency ranges from UHF to Ka Band
  • Complemented by an extensive portfolio of microwave and mmwave technology

Through a combination of our space heritage, proven thin film manufacturing process, and ability to seamlessly integrate multiple passive component into a single circuit, we constantly have new and innovate ways to improve SWaP while meeting the harsh requirements of operating in space.