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Komline-Wyssmont’s Rotocage Lumpbreaker

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Rotocage Lumpbreaker
Komline-Wyssmont’s Rotocage Lumpbreaker is a versatile machine ideally suited for breaking up a variety of lumps, chunks, slabs, and agglomerates. Particle sizes from 1/2 inch to smaller than 20 mesh can be achieved.

Applications: CBN grinding on various oils


Minimize Heat & Fines
Unlike hammer mills, pin mills, or other lumpbreakers, the Rotocage Lumpbreaker does not generate heat or create fines by overworking the material. In most cases screens are not needed.

Large Variety Of Rotor Designs
A variety of cage designs are available to meet each application. Square bars are the standard used for most applications. Cutter bars can be used when a chopping or shredding action is required. Round bars are used to avoid breaking or damaging pellets and crystals. Heavy square bars are used for heavy-duty applications on harder materials.

The sturdy bars of the Rotocage are welded to the rotor assembly in at least three places. Therefore, while fingers or pins can break off and enter your product stream, the bars of the Rotocage stay intact.

The Rotocage Lumpbreaker is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and special alloys.

Dimensions can be modified as necessary to match flanges of existing equipment or to fit into tight spaces.

  • Standard Features
    • Variable pitch pulleys, V-belt drives
    • Totally enclosed AC motor
    • Drive guard
    • Adjustable sizing gate


  • Optional Features
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Variable speed drive (AC or DC)
    • Sizing screen
    • Support stand (to fit over 55 gallon drum)
    • Feed hopper
    • Outboard bearings & stuffing box shaft seals (add 5″ to “D” dimension)
    • Purged bearings or shaft seals
    • PTFE non-stick coating
    • Hard-facing or abrasion resistant coating
    • Safety interlock on drive guard


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Komline-Sanderson combines innovative engineering and cutting-edge manufacturing with its decades of experience to produce the highest quality equipment. This includes ensuring that each solution is engineered to specifically meet a client’s needs, from a single machine to a whole system.

Komline-Sanderson’s manufacturing capabilities allow it to ensure that every product meets its quality standards. By ensuring that the engineering and production teams can work closely together, the product which

Komline-Sanderson maintains its own integrated manufacturing facilities in Peapack, New Jersey, USA, with over 85,000 square feet (7,900 square meters) of shop area housing a wide array of machinery and automated equipment for metal preparation, forming, machining, fabrication (ASME and PED code certified for welding pressure vessels), finishing, and mechanical assembly. The facility also houses an electrical shop for the manufacture and assembly of instrumentation panels and motor control centers. The company’s Filter Fabrics operation is located in Sparta, NJ. In addition to its own manufacturing facilities, Komline-Sanderson utilizes company-certified fabricators for the manufacture of K-S components and equipment worldwide.

Komline-Sanderson’s Technical Center is also located in Peapack, New Jersey. The 8,400 square foot (780 square meters) facility is equipped to run both bench and pilot scale liquid/solids separation and thermal processing tests to demonstrate the performance of K-S products and develop process design criteria for scaling up to commercial plants. The Technical Center is also used to support the Company’s research and development programs. In addition to on-site testing, Komline-Sanderson maintains rental equipment which is available for testing and small production runs at the customer’s facility.