Bridge Cranes from Konecranes

Product Announcement from Konecranes Inc.

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Overhead bridge cranes engineered to adapt to your facility.

Overhead bridge cranes manufactured by Konecranes are engineered to the highest standards in the industry. Our industrial bridge cranes improve the effectiveness of your operation by delivering maximum reliability and load handling.

Konecranes' bridge cranes adapt to the unique requirements of your facility and production needs. Maximizing your lifting space removes the need for costly building renovations, and reduces the cost of new production plants.

Our industrial bridge cranes are available in single- or double-girder construction with a profile or box girder design. They are equipped with your choice of an XN Electric Chain Hoist or a CXT Wire Rope Hoist and are available in top- or under-running models. Duty, classification, speed, and control methods are just a few of the wide variety of crane features that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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