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CS-200 Color and Luminance Meter

Featured Product from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

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The CS-200 accurately measures luminance and chromaticity of a diverse range of light emitting products, including large plasma displays, compact LCDs and LEDs, outdoor screens, high pressure lamps, and instrument panels. It is compact, lightweight and designed for hand-held operation.

The CS-200 features 40 sensors and performs calculations using the spectral sensitivity characteristics (color-matching functions) corresponding to the sensitivity of the human eye. With this newly developed spectral fitting method, tristimulus values (XYZ for red, green, and blue) with a far higher accuracy than those of conventional tristimulus colorimeters can be obtained, providing excellent results.

Any light source can be measured over a wide range of luminance levels from a low luminance of 0.01 cd/m² through high luminance of 20,000,000 cd/m² (with measuring angle of 0.1°). With a selectable measuring angle, users can easily select the optimum measuring angle according to the application (1°, 0.2°, or 0.1°)


  • Portable, lightweight, compact and battery powered
  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Selectable measuring range
  • Measure both luminance and chromaticity
  • Auto mode to determine measurement speed
  • Can be used for both low and high luminance
  • Measuring angle switching
  • CS-S10w data management software included as a standard accessory