A Color Quality Partnership- Case Study

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Viracon & Konica Minolta: A Color Quality Partnership


No two individuals will view or describe color exactly the same. Being able to discuss color based upon established science principals and the use of color standards is paramount.

"The only way to validate color to what the human eyes sees is to review data from measurements taken during fabrication," said Brian Stiles, a Quality Engineer for Viracon, Inc.

The instruments Viracon uses to measure color are Konica Minolta CM-2600d Spectrophotometers.


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“Our measurements with the Konica Minolta CM-2600d confirm that the color of the glass is well within the tolerances established for a particular product. Being able to mathematically measure the color takes all the subjectivity out of quantifying the glass color with a universal understanding.” - Brian Stiles, Quality Engineer for Viracon, Inc