Instrument Systems DTS140 Spectroradoimeter

Featured Product from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

The Instrument Systems DTS140 Spectroradiometer, designed with a back-lit CCD detector, is based on the CAS 140CT array spectrometer. The DTS line are complete, universal systems that are ideal for use in display measurement of luminance, radiance, back-lit panel graphics and the color of displays.

By using the TOP 200 telescopic optical probe that is attached to the spectrometer via an optical probe, light can be coupled into the system. For those measuring various spot sizes, there is a large selection of lenses to use with the TOP 200. The new SpecWin Pro software offers convenient analysis and documentation of results.

The fiber coupling of the TOP 200 makes it simple to swap the adapter and quickly reconfigure the DTS140 resulting in its range of applications considerably expanding.


  • Extreme sensitivity and precise measuring results
  • Measuring spot is perfectly positioned with modified Pritchard optics
  • A wide view field is supplied by the instrument's integrated alignment camera
  • Software function allows you to select different optical density filters and apertures
  • Measurement results documentation and analysis applications are simple with new SpecWin Pro software