QL R 125i Quick Lift Rail Crane

Featured Product from Kundel Industries, Inc.

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QL R is a rail mounted solution that you easily move manually in x/y direction. The up and down movement is made by grabbing the handle and moving your hand up and down. No buttons needed.

Technical Data

Lifting capacity

Max 125 kg

Lift motor

Step less servo-controlled asynchronous motor


28 kg


Done by using Quick-Lifts patented maneuvering handle. It senses the operator’s hand movements, which gives a very exact and smooth speed control.
Only a force equivalent to 20 gram is needed to engage the lift movement. When the operator let go of the handle, the up/down motion is stopped immediately.

Power supply

230V, 50-60 Hz, 1-phase with ground protection, 10A

Stroke length

2,7 meter


The lift can be mounted in the most types of rail systems. Existing rail systems can often be used.

Gripping device

Grippers are designed to fit customer’s need. Easy accessible USB communication is standard.