High-quality and hygienically Sanitary Fitting

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New Sanitary Fitting Arrivals

New items include Tri-clamp Hose Fittings and Clamps in the larger 6” size, NPT Fittings, Weld-on Fittings as well as Male I-line and Bevel Seat fittings. Please check out our updated catalog at https://www.kuriyama.com/catalogs/Sanitary-Fittings-catalog/

Every KOA Sanitary Fitting is certified to meet the stringent criteria of the 3-A® Sanitary Standards RPSCQC for (62-02) for Hose Assemblies, ensuring the safety and purity of the transferred materials. In addition, Kuriyama offers complete 3-A approved hose assemblies through its KVAS program.

The benefits of using hygienically designed hose and fittings include:

  • Improved food safety & quality
  • Longer food shelf life
  • Less cleaning time required
  • More reliable cleaning

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