Compact High-Temp Electrical Connectors

Product Announcement from LADD Distribution

Compact High-Temp Electrical Connectors-Image

LADD Distribution is pleased to announce the release of new DEUTSCH industrial DTM series connectors for high temperature environments. TE Connectivity's DEUTSCH industrial provide innovative environmentally sealed connector solutions for heavy duty and industrial markets. DEUTSCH connectors are built for critical applications in challenging environments, and the new DTM high temperature (DTMH) connectors expand the range of DEUTSCH connector options where excessive heat is a factor.

The new DTMH connectors are manufactured from temperature resistant thermoplastic, and are designed for applications with temperatures ranging from -55oC to 150oC. The expanded temperature range makes the DTMH ideal for use anywhere the electrical system could be exposed to higher than normal temperatures.

The new DTMH connectors:

  • Are available in 2-position, inline plugs and receptacles
  • Accept standard #20 DEUTSCH contacts that carry 7.5 amps each
  • Have integrated, keyed wedgelocks for fast assembly

DEUTSCH is also offering designed-to-fit, high temperature straight and 90o backshells for the DTMH connectors.

For more information, please call LADD Distribution at 1-800-223-1236 or vist