DEUTSCH Diodes and Resistors

Product Announcement from LADD Distribution

DEUTSCH Diodes and Resistors-Image

DEUTSCH DT connectors with diodes and resistors are useful anywhere you need to regulate power or protect a device against a potential power surge.

A diode allows current to flow in one direction only. By preventing current from traveling a circuit in the wrong direction, a diode can protect an electronic device from damage. Devices with batteries will often use diodes to prevent power from flowing in reverse if the battery is not installed correctly.

A resistor limits or blocks current flow in both directions. Resistors protect sensitive electronics by limiting the amount of electricity that can flow to the device through the resistor, and therefore preventing power spikes. For example, resistors are used to prevent power surges from burning out an LED by restricting current flow to the light.

DEUTSCH industrial diode and resistor connectors are easily added to an application after the fact if unwanted power surges are discovered.