SEALED DEUTSCH Splices - A Unique Solution

Product Announcement from LADD Distribution

SEALED DEUTSCH Splices - A Unique Solution-Image

DEUTSCH Jiffy Splices are a unique, field serviceable alternative to permanent splices. Made from the same high quality silicone elastomer as DEUTSCH connector seals and grommets, the Jiffy Splice body houses a contact retention system that secures a mated pair of contacts in a compact environmentally sealed unit. Jiffy Splices are easy to install and service with standard DEUTSCH tools. 

Key Features:

• Accepts contact sizes 4 (100 amps), 12 (25 amps), and 16 (13 amps)

• 6-20 AWG

• 1 cavity arrangement

• Accept one pin and one socket.

• In-line mount

Jiffy Splice How To Instructions

Please call LADD Distribution at 1-800-223-1236 or visit for more information.