DEUTSCH Industrial Sealing Plug Accessories

Product Announcement from LADD Distribution

DEUTSCH Industrial Sealing Plug Accessories-Image

DEUTSCH industrial environmentally sealed electrical connectors are ideal where dust, dirt, moisture, salt spray, and vibration can contaminate or damage electrical connections.   

To ensure that contaimnates do not damage the connectors, sealing plugs are used to seal the connector when all the cavities are not used by wires.

DEUTSCH offers sealing plugs in a variety of sizes.  

Part numbers:

114019 = Size 4 (6 AWG)

114018 = Size 8 (8-10 AWG)

114017 = Size 12-16 (12-20 AWG) 

0413-217-1605 = Size 16 (14-20 AWG) locking sealing plug

0413-204-2005 = Size 20 (20 AWG)

Please contact LADD Distribution at 800-223-1236 or vist for more information.