Don’t Fall Behind! New Wind Turbine Cabling Trends

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In the midst of the PTC extension, developers are reshuffling project priorities to maximize the impact of the tax credit. Turbine OEM's are making major production evolutions ahead of the phase out. This phase out includes tax credits through 2020 with a 20% credit reduction year after year. An additional incentive of the PTC, includes repowering and life extension incentives for fleets nearing de-commissioning. Now… these new life extension incentives require an 80% reinvestment into their assets to qualify. So Asset owners are developing, implementing and partnering with OEM's and upgrade programs for not only the major corrective issues, but minor corrective issues as

Key Take-Aways
  • Understand Lapp's cabling and system solutions for today's wind aftermarket
  • Learn the difference between major corrective issues and minor corrective issues
  • Discover how to realize the true value and reliability impact of some minor correction upgrade programs