Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen USB 2.0 Cables w/Ferrites

Featured Product from L-com, Inc.

L-com Global Connectivity has released a new series of low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) USB cables with ferrites that are ideal for protecting people and equipment from toxic and corrosive gases in poorly vented areas.

Many industrial, oil and gas, rail, military and government installations include areas that have little ventilation and also expose electronics to severe temperatures and/or flammable chemicals. Though many USB-powered test, monitoring, control, location and portable electronics used in these environments are ruggedized to operate safely under these conditions, the USB peripherals and USB cables that come with these electronics are often not up to the task.

Beyond ruggedness, USB cable material construction plays a major role in reducing toxic emissions if USB electronics are exposed to high heat and flammable liquids or gases. Moreover, these environments are often plagued by electromagnetic interference (EMI) from large electric motors, high-powered lighting and a diverse range of radio electronics. This often requires additional shielding and protection for sensitive USB peripherals from conducted EMI from the USB cabling. This is where L-com’s new LSZH USB 2.0 cables with ferrites are able to provide reliable EMI protection during normal operation, as well as reduce toxic and corrosive gas emissions in the case of combustion.

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