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LINDAR had a one of a kind single serve cupcake container when we introduced and yet today we still have the only single serve container with a multi plane trim. We used this approach to truly have the cupcake container not be the center of attention, but have your cupcake be the focal point of the package. In addition, we incorporated our "Freshness Seal" and our unique product holding fingers in the package. Enhance your single serve cupcake sales by using LINDAR cupcake packaging.

  • Unique single serve cupcake package design:
    • One-piece package solution for single cupcakes & muffins
    • Enhanced display and protection
    • Label placement on the back of package
    • Stacks and opens effortlessly
    • Remove cupcakes & muffins from package easily
  • Available in both traditional and large sizes for cupcakes or muffins
  • Package is made from recycled or renewable materials


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