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Cutting-Edge FPGA Powerhouse: Xilinx Virtex®-7 XT

Featured Product from LIXINC Electronics Co., Limited

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Unleash Innovation with Xilinx Virtex®-7 XT FPGA:

  • Ultimate Performance: Boasting 54150 LABs/CLBs and 693120 Logic Elements/Cells, this FPGA delivers exceptional processing power, enabling complex computations and rapid data processing.

  • Massive Memory Capacity: With a total of 54190080 RAM bits, this FPGA ensures ample space for data storage and retrieval, facilitating seamless operation in demanding applications.

  • Versatile I/O Options: Featuring 600 I/O, this FPGA provides extensive connectivity options, allowing seamless integration with various peripherals and external devices.

  • Robust Design: Operating within a wide temperature range of -40°C to 100°C, the Virtex®-7 XT FPGA is suitable for deployment in harsh environments, ensuring reliability and longevity.

  • Flexible Mounting: Designed for surface mounting, this FPGA offers easy integration into diverse electronic systems, simplifying the manufacturing process.

  • Tray Packaging: Packaged in a convenient tray, the Virtex®-7 XT FPGA ensures secure handling during transportation and storage, minimizing the risk of damage.


  • Telecommunications: Power high-speed communication systems, enabling fast data transmission and efficient network management.

  • Industrial Automation: Drive advanced automation solutions, enhancing productivity and precision in manufacturing processes.

  • Aerospace and Defense: Enable sophisticated radar systems and mission-critical applications, ensuring reliability and performance in challenging environments.

  • Medical Imaging: Facilitate real-time image processing and analysis, supporting accurate diagnostics and treatment planning in healthcare settings.

LIXINC Electronics Co., Limited: Your Trusted Partner in FPGA Solutions

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