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EP3C55F484C8N FPGA: Embedded Powerhouse

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Powerful Embedded Solution

  • Outstanding Performance: The Intel EP3C55F484C8N FPGA is part of the Cyclone® III series, featuring 3491 LABs/CLBs and 55856 logic elements/cells, providing exceptional performance and flexibility.
  • Abundant Resources: With a total of 2396160 RAM bits and 327 I/Os, it offers rich resources and flexibility for various applications.
  • Low-Power Design: Operating at a voltage range of 1.15V to 1.25V, combined with optimized design, it strikes a balance between excellent performance and low power consumption.

Versatile Applications

  • Embedded Systems: The EP3C55F484C8N FPGA is an ideal choice for embedded systems, suitable for applications such as industrial automation, IoT devices, embedded vision systems, and more.
  • Communications: Its high performance and flexibility make it an ideal solution for communication applications, including protocol conversion, signal processing, and more.
  • Image Processing: Leveraging its powerful logic resources and low-power design, it can handle complex image processing tasks such as real-time image recognition, video streaming, and more.

Stable Supply Chain

  • In-Stock Inventory: The in-stock inventory provided by LIXINC Electronics Co., Limited ensures you can access the required products promptly without long wait times.
  • Global Logistics: With warehouses in the USA, Europe, China, Hong Kong, and more, our global logistics network ensures swift and efficient delivery of products to your doorstep.

Whether you're seeking a high-performance embedded solution or a reliable supply chain partner, the EP3C55F484C8N FPGA and LIXINC Electronics Co., Limited's inventory capabilities will provide you with satisfactory solutions. Contact us now to explore more details and get a quote!