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High-Performance Image Processing FPGA XC7VX690T

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Product Features:

  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with 54150 LABs/CLBs and 693120 logic elements/cells, providing high-performance image processing capabilities.
  • Abundant I/O: With 850 I/O, supports various peripheral connections to meet the interface requirements of image processing systems.
  • Flexible Deployment: Surface mount installation suitable for various image processing devices, facilitating integration and deployment.
  • Reliable Stability: Wide range of supply voltage and operating temperature from -40°C to 100°C ensure stable operation in various environments.

Primary Applications:

  • Medical Imaging: Used in CT, MRI, and other medical imaging equipment for tasks such as image reconstruction, filtering, and segmentation.
  • Video Processing: In video surveillance, video conferencing, and digital television, providing real-time image enhancement, compression, and analysis.
  • Computer Vision: Applied in object detection, facial recognition, and image recognition for accelerating the execution of image processing algorithms.
  • Industrial Inspection: In quality control, machine vision, and automated production lines, for tasks such as product inspection, defect identification, and measurement analysis.

Distributor Stock Capability:

  • Immediate Availability: Stock provided by LIXINC Electronics Co., Limited ensures prompt delivery.
  • Global Warehousing: Warehouses located in the USA, Europe, China, and Hong Kong SAR enable global coverage and fast delivery.
  • Flexible Payment and Logistics: Multiple payment methods and shipping options, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc., cater to customer preferences.