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Intel EP3C25U256C8N FPGA: Dynamic Logic Solution

Featured Product from LIXINC Electronics Co., Limited

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  • Active FPGA Integration: Intel's EP3C25U256C8N provides dynamic programmable logic capabilities.

  • Versatile Applications: With 1539 LABs/CLBs and 24624 logic elements, it caters to various application needs.

  • Ample Memory Resources: Featuring 608256 RAM bits, it ensures sufficient memory for data processing.

  • High I/O Count: With 156 I/O pins, it enables seamless connectivity with peripheral devices.

  • Efficient Power Management: Operating within 1.15V to 1.25V, it offers power efficiency.

  • Wide Temperature Range: Designed for temperatures from 0°C to 85°C (TJ), suitable for diverse environments.

  • Easy Integration: Encased in a surface-mount 256-LFBGA package, it's easy to integrate into compact designs.

Highlighted Features and Applications:

  • Versatile programmable logic for industrial applications.
  • Abundant memory resources for data-intensive tasks.
  • High I/O count for seamless connectivity.
  • Efficient power management for low-power applications.
  • Wide temperature range for diverse environmental deployment.
  • Easy integration onto PCBs for compact designs.