The MetaPlex® Polymer Sanitary Windows Wins Award

Featured Product from LJ Star

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Specifically designed for applications where glass is not the desired choice, the MetaPlex® sanitary windows is used in place of a glass sight window on tanks and vessels during chemical, beverage and other process applications. L.J. Star found a solution for replacing glass, which is not desired in many process applications, with a highly engineered polymer that could withstand the extremely high temperatures and pressures associated with many process industries, yet still retain the visual clarity of glass.

A MetaPlex® sanitary window is formed by injecting the polymer into a precisely formed sanitary metal ring, which eliminates the dangerous weak point of the thin section that appears on competitors’ all-plastic windows.

The judges were extremely impressed with the engineering solution that eliminated the breakage common to competitive polymer products. Comments included, “Rethinking the obvious and developing an elegant solution. Sometimes simple things are brilliant... this is one of those work horse innovations that delights industry. A new answer to an old problem with the customer’s needs in mind.”

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