HD120 Dry Screw Vacuum Pump for 30kV Implanters

Product Announcement from LOT Vacuum America

HD120 Dry Screw Vacuum Pump for 30kV Implanters-Image

LOT Vacuum Dry Screw Pumps

Go with a proven leader who has been manufacturing dry screw pumps for over 12 years.

At LOT Vacuum America we supply product solutions and support the following markets:

  • LED, OLED, AMOLED, Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, Implanter, MEMS 
  • Nanotechnology, Scientific Instruments, High Energy Physics, Research and Development

  • Emerging Technologies: Solar, Thermal Vacuum Tubes, Lithium-Ion battery, Bio-Fuel

  • General Industrial and Glass Coating and Manufacturing

The HD series is based on the field proven LOT dual split helical screw design. It provides world class operating efficiency and also provides the “guts” needed to keep turning and restarting in aggressive vacuum pumping applications. 

The HD and the lighter duty LD are compact Dry Screw Pumps that enable on-tool and close proximity installation options.  The series provides 70 to 600 CFM (120 to 1000 M3/Hr.) at electrical consumption rates among the lowest in the industry.

You can trade in your old vacuum pump for any model new LOT dry screw vacuum pump.  LOT pumps are equipped with intelligent onboard control features, provide industry leading pumping speeds, globally competitive pricing, and durability that is world class.  

TRADE IN - Simply tell us what vacuum pump you have to trade in and we will submit a globally competitive quote for a new LOT vacuum pump system. We will also recycle your old pump for you.

IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE – LOT Vacuum is a proven vacuum partner. LOT Dura-Dry, HD, LD, and GD Series pumps require no maintenance between rebuilds. They are durable, compact and highly intelligent in any application from load locks to ALD and have globally competitive Cost of Ownership,

WORK WITH A SMART PARTNER – We are expert in vacuum. Tell us about your application, you may be surprised at the solutions available to you!