Centrifugal Concentrators CentriVap®

Product Announcement from Labconco Corporation

Centrifugal Concentrators CentriVap® -Image

[pCentriVap Concentrators offer maximum throughput required by biology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical research and analytical chemistry laboratories. As many as 148 samples may be processed at once. Sample sizes range from a few microliters up to 25 microliters. The accessory Microtiter Plate Rotor holds four standard or two deep well plates. CentriVap Concentrators are also available as one component of CentriVap Concentration Systems.


  • 9 user-set programs
  • Three Quick-Start™ Buttons store one user-set program each
  • Microprocessor-controlled centrifugal motion
  • Quick-Stop™ System. Once run time has expired or the RUN/STOP button is pressed, within seconds the vacuum pump stops, the valve opens to bleed air into the chamber, and the rotor stops
  • Automatic vacuum release valve
  • Built-in vacuum delay
  • Heat and run times are set separately from 1 to 999 minutes
  • Audible alarm signals completion of set point run time.
  • Microprocessor-controlled 300-watt heater
  • Corrosion-resistant sample chamber
  • Large phenol-free lid seal
  • Lid latch with safety sensor
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • PREHEAT button activates the heater to begin elevating to set point temperature