DNA CentriVap Centrifugal Concentrators

Product Announcement from Labconco Corporation

DNA CentriVap Centrifugal Concentrators-Image

The compact benchtop cabinet houses the concentrator, DNA Rotor, diaphragm vacuum pump, two glass traps and all connecting tubing. No additional components are required to begin processing.Features:

  • Quick-Start™ One Button Start Up starts the rotor, the heater, the timers and the vacuum pump. Three separate Quick-Start Buttons store one user-set program each.
  • Quick-Stop™ System stops the vacuum pump within seconds
  • 9 user-set programs.
  • LCD display
  • Microprocessor-controlled 300-watt heater
  • Heat and run times are set separately, each from 1 to 999 minutes
  • PREHEAT button
  • Microprocessor-controlled centrifugal motion
  • Audible alarm signals completion of set point run time
  • Corrosion-resistant sample chamber
  • Versatile DNA Rotor is included.
  • Integrated, corrosion-resistant diaphragm pump
  • Automatic vacuum release valve
  • Large phenol-free lid seal
  • Lid latch with safety sensor
  • Built-in vacuum delay
  • Two 177 milliliter glass traps protect the vacuum pump and the environment.