Forensic CApture Portable Fuming System

Product Announcement from Labconco Corporation

Forensic CApture Portable Fuming System-Image

Forensic CApture Portable Fuming System quickly fixes latent fingerprints at the crime scene using microburst or traditional CA fuming methods, while protecting the user from hazardous fumes. Its patent-pending design combines all the components needed in one compact system: a heater to heat the Super Glue®; a shatter-resistant, clear protective chamber to contain the fumes as they react with the latent prints; an exhaust blower; and particulate/carbon exhaust filter. No ducting is required. Since prints may be easily developed at the scene, irrelevant evidence may be ruled out thus saving valuable laboratory processing time and storage space.

Features include: Patent-pending collapsible design; clear, polycarbonate chamber; heater with microprocessor-control in one degree increments between 120° to 350° F (50 to 177° C); two heater receptacles with heater door to accommodate heater pans. Ten aluminum heater pans are included; Stainless steel support manifold with three control slide slots and perforations for attaching a shelf and hook; stainless steel hook and perforated tray; control panel with LCD for displaying set point or actual heater temperature with "Up," "Down," and "Set" buttons for programming set point temperature; three-way heater/off/vent switch; rear-mounted main power switch/circuit breaker; leveling foot with locking pin; epoxy-coated steel housing; buit-in exhaust blower; particulate/activated carbon filter cartridge with MERV 11 rating and capacity for 100 development cycles.

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