Fume Hood Protector® XStream®

Product Announcement from Labconco Corporation

Fume Hood Protector® XStream®-Image

Using the concepts of fluid dynamics, the Protector XStream was designed to overcome airflow's tendencies for turbulence. The innovative and aerodynamic designs of the sash handle, air foil, upper dilution air supply and rear downflow baffle work in concert to produce horizontal airflow patterns that significantly reduce concentrations of chemical contaminants throughout the work area, particularly near the face of the hood, operator breathing zone and at the work surface.

Because containment is enhanced, the Protector XStream Hood can operate at a broad range of face velocities from 60 to 100 fpm. When operated at OSHA-approved 60 fpm face velocity, the energy savings realized provide an excellent economic payback.

Unlike any ventilated enclosures before it, the Protector XStream Hoods offer unsurpassed containment of chemical fumes and vapors while conserving energy when operated at velocities as low as 60 fpm. This high performance, benchtop hood is the culmination of Labconco's half-century of research and development in fume hood technology. It is suitable for general chemistry applications.

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