Vacuum Evaporation Systems RapidVap®

Product Announcement from Labconco Corporation

Vacuum Evaporation Systems RapidVap®-Image

RapidVap Systems use vacuum along with heat and vortex motion to help speed evaporation and provide an alternative to traditional centrifugal evaporation methods. These systems accommodate twelve different, interchangeable accessory sample blocks holding sample volumes from just a few milliliters to as large as 450 milliliters. As many as 110 each 12 or 13 mm tubes may be loaded at once. Additional blocks accommodate various tube types including conical centrifuge tubes and scintillation vials.


  • Microprocessor-controlled vortex motion increases surface area for faster evaporation
  • Rear-mounted 1/2" OD vacuum port attaches to vacuum pump (sold separately).
  • Automatic vacuum release
  • Microprocessor-controlled 1000-watt dry block heating system
  • Maintenance-free, microprocessor-controlled motor
  • Teflon-coated aluminum chamber
  • Glass lid with Lexan shield
  • Phenol-free gasket provides complete sealing under vacuum
  • Alarm signals completion of run
  • 9 different user-set programs
  • LCD display
  • All mechanical components are isolated from the chemical fumes and vapors for longer life