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LadyBug RF Power Sensor

Featured Product from LadyBug Technologies LLC

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LadyBug Technologies, LB5900 series of patented no-zero no-cal before use USB RF Power Sensors offers coverage from 9kHz to 50GHz. The product’s broad frequency range combined with exceptional sensitivity make them ideal for satellite, radar, EMC testing along with defence applications and general testing.

The sensor line includes several calibration tables for use by calibration laboratories or other users wishing to install frequency offset correction for attenuators, cables or for other use. The tables are easily accessible using standard SCPI commands through the USBTMC or USB HID interfaces or by using the sensor’s included software.

The product line offers excellent flatness and dynamic range. The sensor’s offer advanced time-gated triggering, internal real time clock, large data storage and other new features such as unattended operation capability. The new product line includes six sensors designed cover a variety of customer applications.

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