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Peak and Pulse Power Sensor

Featured Product from LadyBug Technologies LLC

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LadyBug Technologies’ LB479A thermally stable peak and pulse Sensor utilizes patented technology to deliver no drift, high accuracy statistical pulse information along with average power. No user zeroing is required. The measurements are direct pulse measurement and are NOT calculated from duty cycle. The USB Sensor offers frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 8 GHz, unlike similar pulse sensors, the sensor’s full -60 dBm sensitivity is available in pulse mode. The product’s broad frequency range combined with excellent sensitivity make it ideal for IoT, satellite, radar, Bluetooth, and defence applications. In average mode, the sensor can make over 2,000 settled measurements per second continuously, making it ideal for antenna testing requiring many measurements and high sensitivity.

The LB480A pulse profiling sensor is similar and includes triggered, time-domain trace based measurement features along with additional statistical information. These triggered measurements provide a visual time domain trace of the pulse power profile. Both sensors are provided with a package of software that includes programmatic support for ATE builders. Triggering, Recorder Output and Optional connectors are available.

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