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Quick, accurate average power measurement

Featured Product from LadyBug Technologies LLC

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LB5900 Sensors are Platform Independent (Linux etc). All sensors compatible with Win XP, 7, 8 & 10; 32 & 64 bit

We cover the RF and Microwave Power Measurement market with three types of USB power sensors. Our True RMS Sensors provide accurate, fast True RMS measurements. LadyBug Peak & Pulse sensors accurately make statistical measurements such as Peak and Pulse Power, Duty Cycle and Crest Factor. In addition to these measurements, our Pulse Profiling sensors offer triggered pulse measurements and statistical functions including CDF, CCDF and PDF measurements along with time domain trace visibility.

For quick, accurate average power measurement of any signal, consider one of our True RMS Sensors, these products are some of the best sensors on the market today and can deliver 2,000 measurements per second. And remember, our patented NoZero NoCal technology means that you do not need to zero the sensors before use, simply connect and measure, even for high accuracy at very low power levels.

All of our sensors feature USB 2.0, and optional external trigger in & out plus recorder out, all without external components. Our patented NoZero NoCal technology make these sensors ideal for test systems and other embedded applications. No need to switch the signal out to zero or calibrate the sensor, or to wait for internal circuitry, just measure. This can save thousands of dollars in switches, sources, and other components. We provide detailed specifications with a variety of example measurements from our sensors in the Using Ladybug Sensors section.