Barnes Vertical Stroke Honing Systems

Product Announcement from Lapmaster-Wolters International

The Barnes HV series of Vertical Honing Machines are designed dually for general purpose and specialized applications. They combine the latest technology with a modular design which results in a system that delivers consistent and dependable results. The overall design provides an economical platform for light duty "9 to 5" requirements and a building block for high production, automated "24/7" demands. Precise tolerance dimensions and critical surface finish requirements are easily achieved with the help of a heavy duty base and column which also provide superior vibration dampening characteristics. Accuracy is provided by a traveling head assembly and linear guideway system while a linear transducer based stroke system provides control over diameter size. All of these features result in consistent dependable results which can be amplified with the use of Barnes tooling and honing stones. Ease of operation is made possible with a PLC based control system and touch screen operator interface featuring menu-type programming. Some select features are as follows:

Barnes Series HV Vertical-Spindle Features

  • Full-line of equipment for 0.125" - 30" diameter parts processing
  • Stroke lengths from 12" up to 76" in single or multi-spindle configurations
  • Robust design and heavy-duty base/column construction for accuracy & repeatability
  • Intuitive, menu-driven, programmable system controller, w/color touch-screen PC-based HMI
  • Lateral, X-Y and Rotary Index Tables available for parts processing flexibility
  • "Open" design allows for easy operator access, maintenance & automation interface
  • Compact "Traveling Head" spindle-drive/hone expansion (electromechanical linear actuator)
  • Post-Process Parts Gauging options include both Servo-column mounted and Bench-mounted air gauging systems