Product Announcement from Lapmaster-Wolters International

In a Lapping/Polishing process, the final precision cleaning is needed to be thorough, repeatable & fast. The Lapmaster series of Heavy-Duty Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for Industrial Applications is designed to meet such criteria. Our systems (4 standard models are available) are enabled to remove oils, waxes or slurry off surfaces; leaving no residue, damage, scratches or corrosion.

How Do They Work? Ultrasonic sound waves moving thru a cleaning solution create an effect called cavitation: Rapid formation and break-down of deep-cleaning microscopic bubbles, which is enhanced with heat.

There are four (4) Standard Benchtop Models to choose from, starting at a 4-Gallon capacity up to 13-Gallon capacity. Larger floor standing units, including automated or semi-automated systems are also available. All of the Industrial Application Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems feature self-contained multi-frequency ultra-sonic amplifier, along with thermostatically-controlled heaters.

All standard systems are supplied with 115V-1Phase-50/60 Hz Service. 220V service available upon request.

Available Options:

- Programmable Timer with On/Off function

- Temperature Monitor Control Display

- Agitation Arm and Basket

Model #1410: 12" x 8" x 10" tank, 4-Gallon Capacity

Model #1610: 11" x 14" x 11" tank, 6-Gallon Capacity

Model #1910: 8" x 22" x 12" tank, 9-Gallon Capacity

Model #2013: 14" x 20" x 14" tank, 13-Gallon Capacity

Lapmaster also offers a complete line of companion cleaning agents and equipment accessories. Larger capacity systems, multi-tank synchronized systems, "CE" compliant systems and automated systems are also available.