Honing Abrasives

Product Announcement from Lapmaster-Wolters International

Our method starts from the ground up - with a careful analysis and understanding of our customers' particular requirements for their specific application. With this knowledge, only then do our engineers begin the process of developing an abrasive package to fulfill the individual requirements.


It has become evident that on some operations diamond stones have produced up to 66 times as many accurate bores as conventional tools, while delivering tight tolerances and high statistical capability rations. Yet, in order to get these results, the diamond abrasive must be of a consistent grade and concentration, properly shaped for the bore radius and conditioned to properly expose the diamond abrasive. Because the manufacturing process takes place in-house, we have the ability to control these variables.

Vitrified Abrasives

Vitrified honing stones have been the industry standard for many years, and are still a viable and economical alternative to superabrasives for many applications. Our vitrified abrasives are manufactured from abrasive crystals with strict process control requirements to minimize variations in grade and friablility. This assures consistent performance and reliability.

All honing stones -superabrasive or vitrified- are available in a variety of widths, lengths and heights and in a wide range of grit sizes and grades specific to the applications. Mountings can be plastic or metal and manufactured in any configuration for attachment to the particular honing tool.