LSP Series Dual-Face Lapping & Polishing Machinery

Product Announcement from Lapmaster-Wolters International

Hamai, a leading manufacturer of lapping & polishing equipment in Japan, has a strong presence in the optics and semiconductor markets in Asia. Established in 1926, they have contributing to the development of specialized industrial equipment for precision finishing ever since. Amongst others, they specialize in general optics applications, hard disk lapping/polishing and virgin silicon wafer lapping.

Individually, both Lapmaster and Hamai have a long history of involvement in the precision surfacing industry and it was due to this expansive knowledgebase and combined efforts that led to the creation of this newest series. The Lapmaster-Hamai line of machinery offers a full range of competitively priced 3-way and 4-way dual faced lapping/polishing systems with the latest innovation in ultra-precision finishing. These models range from:

  • 3B model (3" carrier diameter) up to
  • 32B model (32" carrier diameter)

For more information about this series please download the PDF:

LSP Series Lapping-Polishing Machinery